Woollcombe Yonge Solicitors has a friendly and approachable Wills team. If you want to help support your family and make things a little easier when you die then you should have a Will.

Our dedicated team also specialise in the areas which can affect people in later life.

It is essential that everyone makes a Will. This is an important way to make the most of tax saving opportunities and to make sure that your money, property and other assets pass to your family and anyone else you wish to benefit. If you do not do this it is possible that your family and other dependents will not be properly looked after once you have gone. For example, by using a Will you can set up trusts for the benefit of your children and you can appoint legal guardians who will look after them should you die before they become adults.
Making a Will can be a very simple and cheap way of looking after the people who are most important to you which, in turn, will give you security and peace of mind.

Once you have made a Will you should think about up dating it from time to time. Family and financial situations change over the years and so we always advise clients to review their Wills if these changes happen and in any event they ought to be reviewed every five years to take account of changes to the law or the taxation system.

Our Wills solicitors can provide you with:

  • a personal service
  • the benefit of our knowledge and experience
  • a patient and sympathetic approach to a job that some clients find very stressful
  • value for money
  • home visits if necessary

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