Tax Planning

Our estate and tax planning solicitors will help you to plan the future of yourself and your family by advising you on solutions that may be available to you. This will help you to preserve your own financial security and make sure that your money and assets are passed smoothly to the next generation.

We can help you with tax planning that takes place during your life or by the use of a Will. We will advise you about Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax.

Our tax planning solicitors will also look at issues such as your future residence and the possibility of you having to pay nursing home costs.

By taking advice from us now you may save a substantial amount of tax. The current rate of Inheritance Tax is 40% and this is payable on the value of your estate over and above your nil rate band for the time being. Therefore for every £100,000 by which your estate exceeds the current nil rate band there will be tax to pay of £40,000. We can advise you on the various schemes that are available which may avoid this expense.

You will receive from us:

  • a personal service
  • the benefit of our knowledge and experience
  • value for money
  • home visits if required

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