Bequeathed Wills


We understand that finding the time to make a will may cause you to put it off to another day.

We also understand that you may wonder whether you really need to pay a solicitor to help you.

What’s not in doubt is that making a will really is essential: without it, those you care about may not inherit in the way you expect them to. So we strongly advise you to make your will now.

Click through to the Bequeathed website and take the simple online interview:

  • You can do it at any time of day or night, in one go or over several days.
  • There’s guidance and chat support on hand to help you progress at your own pace.
  • The answers you provide are used to system-generate a draft will.

When you’re finished, you can download your will and follow the instructions for how to sign it in front of witnesses; all for free.

It won’t be a will drafted by us, and Bequeathed won’t provide you with legal advice, but it is a system we like and trust for people with relatively straightforward needs. So, for many people, it will be all that they need.

If that’s the case for you, then that’s great: we’ll just be pleased you have a will.

The reason we like Bequeathed is that it helps users understand when expert legal advice from our solicitors will be beneficial or necessary. And that reduces the risk of you making a will that fails to address key issues that will impact those you care about.

So, if you do find you need our advice, then we’re ready to step in:

  • Perhaps the Bequeathed system has raised an issue you hadn’t thought about.
  • Or maybe you want the reassurance of us casting an eye over the will you drafted.
  • Or you may wish to consider the benefits of a trust or a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Whenever you need expert legal advice, simply ask Bequeathed to transfer your interview to us.

We will get in touch to discuss our fees with you. If you decide to go ahead, we can pick things up from where you left them on Bequeathed, advising you by telephone or in person. Once we have completed your will for you, we can also store it for you.

Whichever way you choose to make your will, whether you complete the process online for free with Bequeathed or pay us to help you and provide legal advice, we hope you will consider leaving a gift in your will to charity. Once loved ones are taken care of, a small gift to a charity that you feel passionately about will enable them to carry on their vital work long into the future.

To start making your will now, just click the banner to visit Bequeathed. Remember, if you need legal advice, then simply ask Bequeathed to hand things over to us. We’ll be pleased to help from that point on.

Of course, if you are certain you need our help, then please do contact us by telephone on 01752 660384 or email us and we’ll be delighted to handle the entire process for you.

How you make your will is up to you. But for the sake of family and friends, please do make it.


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