Thinking of who to appoint as your attorney?

Thinking of who to appoint as your attorney? Have you considered appointing a solicitor to act on your behalf?


At Woollcombe Yonge, we are often personally appointed in our capacity as solicitors to act as attorneys for our clients. Whether this is to deal with financial affairs or decisions relating to your health, here are just 5 reasons why our clients choose to appoint us:-

  1. Open communication (in plain English – no legal jargon!)

We regularly keep in touch with our clients when managing their affairs and will not leave you waiting for days before your phone call is returned. We also understand that there is no point bombarding you with legal jargon so we always communicate using plain English.

  1. We know our stuff!

Our solicitors are experts within their field and have plenty of experience under their belts. We use this experience together with our legal knowledge to achieve the best possible result for you when any decisions need to be made.

  1. We are normal people with life experience

Although this may sound obvious, when you appoint someone to act as your attorney you will want to know that they are equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

  1. We put our clients first

Our clients’ needs are always at the forefront of our minds. We often deal with very vulnerable people who have little or no family to help them and they rely on us. We recognise this and ensure their best interests are always of paramount importance.

  1. Upfront with our fees

We will always discuss our fees with you from the start and give you an estimate of what we are likely to charge. If that estimate is likely to be exceeded, we will discuss this with you.

If you want to discuss this in further detail, please email or call 01752 827920.