Social Services Involvement

Social Services Involvement

  • Care Proceedings
  • Legal Planning Meetings

Social Services involvement in your family can be very distressing and upsetting, particularly if your parenting and behaviour are being questioned. In serious cases the Local Authority may even be considering applications to court to remove your children to foster care or even adoption. If you find yourself in these most stressful of situations it is imperative that you have robust professional advice and representation from experienced lawyers who fully understand the intricacies of the legal recourses and procedures in order that they can advise you in the most effective possible way.

Our Childcare team includes two Children Specialists, two Law Society Children Panel Members, who are here to help you deal with Social Services and provide you with specialist representation and advice on what options maybe available to prevent the removal of your children.

Legal Aid is available to all parents with Parental Responsibility in Care proceedings so you won’t have to worry about cost, and our lawyers are experienced in often securing Legal Aid for Fathers without PR as well as other family members, such as Grandparents.

In advance of issuing any court proceedings against you the Local Authority must have a Pre Proceedings Meeting to inform you of their intentions. With the right representation the process can stop here and our lawyers are experienced at negotiating agreements on behalf of our clients that dissuade Social Services issuing applications to remove in the first place.

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