Payment Options

Payment Options

  • Legal Aid
  • Fixed Fee
  • Hourly rate
  • Retainer

WoollcombeYonge are one of the oldest firms in the city with a Legal Aid contract and as a firm we are committed to providing exceptional quality legal services under the Legal Aid scheme. However you may or may not be aware that the government has now significantly restricted the types of law where Legal Aid is available. As such we have devised a number of payment options to make funding the provision of legal services as straight-forward as possible and our flexibility allows us to provide bespoke funding solutions tailored to your individual needs and financial circumstances.

There is still Legal Aid funding available under certain limited circumstances, mainly those actions where domestic abuse may be an issue, such as divorce or children (matters that do not involve social services), and we can ensure that if you do qualify for Legal Aid it will be secured for you.

Should Legal Aid not be available under your circumstances we can discuss in detail the different legal options open to you and where possible break down the work in to manageable and affordable chunks. This “Fixed Fee” approach makes it easier to budget and also helps you establish where best to rely on expert legal advice and representation as well as any matters you may feel you can deal with yourself. This way you will always know exactly what we are doing for you and how much it will cost in advance. Please see details of our Fixed Fee Divorce for an example of how this can work.

Of course you may prefer the more traditional approach to paying for legal services and either have us bill you for the time we spend on your case, regularly, at our hourly rate (£150 + VAT).

Alternatively we can act on retainer if you would prefer to set up a monthly Standing Order.

Regardless of your personal circumstances our lawyers are all capable of assessing your case and establishing the best legal and funding solution to suit you.


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