Fixed fee family advice

We offer a Fixed Fee Scheme which is designed to offer affordable access to expert legal advice on all aspects of family law.

The fee includes the following:-

  • Arrangement of a convenient appointment with one of our experienced family team.
  • An hour consultation with a qualified member of our family team to discuss your case. Our team comprises of 2 Solicitors and 1 Chartered Legal Executive. All have a wealth of experience and offer expert advice on separation, contact with children, financial resolution, divorce, separation and all areas of family law.
  • The advice will be confirmed in writing to you within 7 days of the meeting.
  • The fee will include a referral to mediation services if appropriate, or the drafting of one letter to assist with resolving any dispute which exists.
  • Advice on eligibility for Legal Aid in the event you require help with Mediation following a referral.

Should you require further representation or assistance further work can be undertaken at agreed fixed fees and our representative can discuss this with you at the meeting.

If you wish to arrange an appointment with one of our expert advisors please contact the Family Department. We will forward to you a detailed letter setting out our Terms of Business.. You will be required to make a payment on account of costs representing payment of the Fixed Fee of £150 prior to the appointment date.

If you wish to make an appointment please contact one of our team on 01752 827902.
We will confirm your appointment in writing.

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