Fixed Fee Divorce

FIXED FEE DIVORCE – £470 plus VAT and Court fees.

We offer a Fixed Fee Scheme which covers all work required to bring to a conclusion any non-contested divorce through to the obtaining of a decree absolute or decree in the cases of judicial separations.

The fee includes the following:-

  1. Arrangement of a convenient appointment with one of our experienced family team. We will forward to you prior to that appointment a questionnaire for completion, written explanation of the divorce law and procedure and confirmation of the appointment and what you will need to bring with you.
  2. One meeting with one of our solicitors in the Family Team to discuss the divorce procedure and any issue connected with it.
  3. The drafting and preparation of the Petition for Divorce and any other documentation required and the submission of this to the court.
  4. Corresponding with the Court, your ex-partner and yourself to keep you advised of all stages of the divorce procedure and to advise you as to when the decree absolute is obtained.
  5. Completion of application to obtain Decree Absolute and confirmation and advice on the implications of this and reporting to you at the conclusion.

As this is a Fixed Fee it is important we set out what work is not covered by the Fixed Fee. We would, of course, notify you immediately if we considered your case may fall outside of the Fixed Fee Scheme we offer.

In brief, the work not covered is:-

  1. Any further meetings with the solicitor.
  2. Advice and proceedings concerning property, finances or children.
  3. A fee for obtaining a marriage certificate.
  4. Any costs of instructing an Enquiry Agent or Private Detective in the event your partner does not acknowledge service of the divorce.
  5. Attending any court hearing fixed in relation to the divorce (albeit parties are not usually required to attend)

If you wish to arrange an appointment with one of our expert advisors please contact the Family Department. We will forward to you a detailed letter setting out our Terms of Business together with a questionnaire you will be required to complete and return prior to the appointment. You will be required to make a payment on account of costs representing payment of the Fixed Fee of £470 plus VAT and the fee for the issue of the divorce proceedings and for obtaining Decree Absolute which is £550 (Total £1114).

The above Fixed Fee is in relation to Divorce proceedings you would wish to instigate if you wish to start a Divorce. If you have received a Divorce Petition through the post and require representation and advice on how to proceed with the Divorce we again offer a Fixed Fee Scheme in the sum of £250 plus VAT to represent you through the Divorce to a conclusion and it should be noted that you would not have to pay any court fees unless there was an application by the person divorcing you to recover costs. This is a matter we can advise upon as part of the Fixed Fee.

Your original marriage certificate will be required (which is not returned to you). If you do not have the original certificate a duplicate can be obtained for a fee.

If you wish to make an appointment please contact one of our team on 01752 827902.

We will confirm your appointment in writing and provide you with a Divorce information sheet and questionnaire which you will need to complete and bring with you to the appointment.


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