Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

  • Domestic Abuse
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Tragically 1 in 4 women in this country will be a victim of domestic abuse during their lifetime, and the number of male victims is on the increase. The Government has now widened the definition of Domestic Abuse so that it goes far beyond physical assaults, to include emotional, sexual, mental, verbal, and even financial abuse. Feeling a victim in your own home, and/or being subjected to constant harassment, can lead to depression and destroy lives. However, there are many solutions to this increasingly common problem which can be easily enacted with the right representation. Our solicitors are all DASH (Domestic Abuse, Stalking, and Harassment and Honour-Based Violence)Risk Assessment trained and experienced at quickly assessing such situations and establishing safe, appropriate, and often most important, quick solutions to protect you and your children from the risk of abuse.

Sometimes a well-written and clear letter can help someone to see the impact of their behaviour, particularly on children, and matters can be resolved without resorting to court. Our solicitors all have plenty of cases that have been concluded before they began due to effective Harassment Warning letters and we believe this is always a better solution than drawn out harassment proceedings.

Unfortunately some situations are so serious that a party has had to flee their home, leaving all their possessions, sometimes their whole world, behind. But you do not have to walk away with nothing and it may be that an Occupation Order is necessary to re-establish you in your home. These applications are very delicate and the court considers very carefully situations where one party may be made homeless – our solicitors are all experienced (we include a Resolution-accredited Family Panel Specialist), at drafting such applications and protecting you and your family from domestic abuse and uncertainty,

WoollcombeYonge joins with four other firms to form a working group looking at more efficient ways to deal with Domestic Abuse in the city and provides free legal advice at Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service on a fortnightly basis.

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